Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prettiest Freakin To Do List

I am queen of the to do list. Who isn't? Something about crossing an item off the list just feels sooo good. I also love reviewing it and seeing what I have accomplished. Oooh, I love just thinking of it.

I'm not one of those sophisticated bloggers who links posts and does shout outs. But these are too pretty to resist! And I cannot believe they are FREE.

Erin at Vale Design created these little beauties. Visit her blog to download.

Marta, the blog topics list is screaming your name. Okay no, it's much too polite for that, it's more like, "Marta dear, won't you please print me off and use me?"


caitlin said...

Ooh, I'm excited. I love organzing! (That sounded a tad nerdy didn't it? :)

You always find the best stuff!

ALFIE said...

one word: amazing!

thanks so much for sharing this great find!

marta said...

oooh la la. these are so perfect, thanks for letting us know. i have li'l notebooks that i jot down post ideas, but these are waaaay cute. and i love the adjective 'dreamy'..

you and me should shop together; we'd make a happy pair.


Holly said...

i like how it says "freaking" so pretty and dainty. and who doesn't like a good to-do list? i can't resist them. how good does it feel to check all your to-do's off?