Sunday, June 12, 2011

Laundry Room Love

I've been wanting to put up wallpaper for years and finally pulled the trigger. The hard part is picking which one to use, there are SO many choices. While, I love how it turned out, it was the "practical" choice and one of the only ones my husband and I could agree on. All my other choices were "too girly" for his taste.

D bought cheap cabinets off of the classifieds and painted them white because we used to have a shelf with all of our detergents/cleaners sitting on it that made the whole room look messy. He also made the executive decision to paint behind the washer and dryer instead of wallpaper because of a lot of reviews he read said that water and steam cause wallpaper to peel up over the years and then it is often hard to find replacement wallpaper and really who wants to have to keep redoing all that work.

I found this wallpaper (thanks to LGN) at Steve's wallpaper.