Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear D,

I wrote a lifelong to-do list before I met you. I wrote, have a house with a guest bedroom so friends and family could feel welcome to stay. I wrote, travel to foreign countries with best friends. I wrote, find confidence in who I am. I wrote, find someone I can trust whole-heartedly.

I wrote these things because I know what it is like not to have them.
But little did I know I would I check them all off with a single act, marrying you.

I am overcome with how blessed I am to have you as my husband.

Sometimes I feel so lucky I just want to freeze and not do anything to ruin what I have. Like when we got that really good deal at that store and you just wanted me to shut up, pay the guy and go before anyone could tell us it was the wrong price. And then when we got in the car we burst out laughing and celebrated about our good find!

And other times I just feel honored to be chosen as your wife. Like when we were at that funeral and the mother who just lost her son ran into your arms and said, "It's alright, my other son is here today." And then she glanced at me and smiled and without any words she told me how lucky I am to call myself your wife.

I love our guest rooms where family and friends come and stay. I love our trips and friends we travel with. I love that you help me feel more confident than I once did. I love that you taught me to trust whole-heartedly. But more than any of that, I love you.

And so today I feel lucky and honored to write a new to-do list with you.
Happy 30th Birthday.

AJS (formerly AJP)


caitlin said...

Oh my, I know this is just for D, but I am so glad you shared it with all of us. I seriously teared up a little (could be the time of month ;)

I love you and Deb Deb so much, I am so glad you guys found each other. Happy Birthday D!

Jensen Family said...

Sorry I missed the birthday bash Deb! I always knew you were truly amazing! You are both made for each other!

KiMnRoB said...

I too am sorry I missed the party!
This is a beautiful letter. You really are a lucky girl!

Mandy said...

Lan, I seriously got tears in my eyes. That is the sweetest thing ever! you guys are both so lucky to have eachother. love you two.

marta said...

best thing ever. glad you shared this, miss. you two are a perfect pair.

ALFIE said...

lovely lovely post. thank you for letting us share in your love.

Holly said...

meant to be. that's what you two are. A+D= best friends/lovers forever!

Josh and Tracy Wilson said...

YAY for cute and cheesy lovers!!! You make such a cute pair :)

Anna said...

Beautifully written, Alana. Here's to true love! Happy birthday, Deboro!

Debbie said...

You guys are made for each other! Love you both!!!