Saturday, April 23, 2011


This might have been my all time favorite Easter, besides that one year when my aunt Ann created a gazillion egg, egg hunt for my cousins and me when we were younger.
I loved telling Elle about the Easter Bunny and how he leaves eggs with candy and surprises. It was cute how she called jelly beans, "jumping beans" and the rest of the candy, "bunny candy." Even the shoes she wore on her first Easter egg hunt are still called her "Easter egg shoes."
On the Saturday before Easter she had a little hunt in the park with some friends. She loved every second of it.

On Sunday, the Easter Bunny had left her three goldfish which she named, Goldie, Nemo, and Easter Egg. She was obsessed with feeding them. And consequently, they died two days later. She asked if they went to work with daddy so I just nodded my head and went along with it.
Later that day she had her own Easter Egg hunt in our house since the weather wasn't great. The Easter Bunny tried to show up Santa by spoiling you this year.

Then we went to Grandma Peterson's house and she had a huge hunt with her grandma. I'm not sure who liked it more though, her or her 80-yr-old grandpa who ran across the lawn filling his bag with eggs. It was a fun weekend!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Brown eyed girl

Lately Elle is obsessed with peoples eyes and loves to talk about the different colors. She will say, "Elle's eye's bown (brown), mommy eye's bown, Bossy eye's boo (blue), Zach's geen (green)...Mommy, what color Zach's mommy eyes?" After I tell her she will sit for a second like she is imagining them and then say, "Ooooh."

I have to admit I'm probably just as obsessed with her big brown eyes as she is with all her friends'.