Monday, March 21, 2011

Our lucky day

On St. Patrick's Day we found out we are having another little girl! We are so happy to have another little Elle running around. And most importantly I am so happy that Elle gets to have a sister. I would kill to have a sister so it means a lot to me that Elle gets to have one.

We went to the bakery up the street to get a surprise for grandma.

I'm not sure if Elle was sad because she didn't get to eat the cookie or if she really wanted a brother.

Then we came home and found a surprise from a little leprechaun.

Elle wanted to go swimming right then and there, so we improvised and went swimming in the bathtub. It was a fun St. Patrick's Day I'll never forget.

(I didn't bring my camera so my photos are just crappy iphone pics)


..::k.toms::.. said...

Another girl! Congratulations!!

Chelsea said...

Hooray! SIsters. That will be so much fun for them!

Mandy said...

cutest swimming suit ever!!!

Holly and Dave said...

so fun! love the swim suit.

Lauren said...

congratulations! now you guys can use 'lauren'! soo happy for you!