Wednesday, March 23, 2011


We just had some pictures taken at Busath last month and we loved how they turned out. It was a fun change having a studio session because all of the photos we have are more casual. We wish we could have purchased all of them!

Cute things I want to remember that she has said lately:

-She put both her hands on my heart and said, "I hear your heart mama!"
-At lunch she leaned over to my mom and said, "What's up?"
-She came up to me and handed me my wallet and said, "Mommy big present! Open!" The said, "surprise!" when I saw the orange slice she has stuffed in the plastic part where my license goes.
-Everything (anything from an apple to a house) that is big is a "daddy" size and small things are "baby" or "baby Charlie" size.
-She loves when D takes her to go get a Jamba juice and she will say, "Oh, baby Jamba Juice is my favorite!"


Amesbury said...


She's so beautiful! Love the pictures.

Wendy said...

Elle defines darling!

Mandy said...

she is such a pretty girl!

Julie said...

She is just too cute! Congratulations on the exciting news of a little girly!

Holly and Dave said...

i love that she'll always talk to me on the phone and say my name so clearly!! love her :)

Lisa said...

AAH SHE IS THE CUTEST THING IVE EVER SEEN!!!!! The orange slice in the wallet kills me haha.....that's pretty awesome. Ava is a huge fan of jamba juice too....peanut butter mood to be exact. We'll have to take the girls sometime.

Annie said...

awww, baby charlie size!!! That made me tear up a litle bit. :)

simplycaitlin said...

I love her. I love these pictures. And I freakin' can't wait to meet the new babe! Get it here already!!