Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Feet

New goal: notice one thing everyday that makes me happy. Yes, Oprah's the queen of the gratitude journal-personal chef, bizillionarie, gorgeous homes, girl's school is South Africa...who wouldn't want to jot that down?

My list won't be quite the same, but D does make a mean twice baked potato ("Mmmm, sweet potato"-you have to watch The Soup to get that). And since I'm more of a visual person, instead of writing down what I'm grateful for I'm going to take a picture of it. Here's to being happy today.


caitlin said...

Lovely goal. And those happy feet make me happy today as well! (Tell Elle Peanut to use those lil' happy feet to come visit her aunt catty)

Beth said...

Ah those make me happy too!

Anna said...

I absolutely adore this little picture. You should frame it and hang it in the nursery... fantastic photography and such darling little feet!