Friday, March 13, 2009

Can't sleep....

I've loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the counter tops, made D's lunch, put sticky note messages in his lunch sack, then played with this photo. I think it will go downstairs in the green polka dot room.
What do people do at 4 am when they can't sleep?


simplycaitlin said...

I tend to watch Saved By the Bell. It lulls me to sleep. (strange i know)

Lorilee said...

i usually say "cody, are you awake"... until he finally wakes up so I at least have somebody to talk to.

or i could just call home, everyone's usually up, gone to the gym, had breakfast and are on their way by that time (4 hour time difference ya know)

Jenseena said...

I am amazed at how efficient you are, especially that time in the morning!

I love to watch movies on my iPod. (It's great not to disturb my little family while watching great stuff!) Also, I like listening to some great tunes as well.

But one of the best things that works for me (and I know that this will sound cheesy) is to get more gospel study in. Maybe it's the R.M. in me, but I LOVE it! A very peaceful feeling comes, and I know that He cares even when everyone else is asleep.

Jensen Family said...

You are too funny!!

We need to get together soon!! I need to see that baby!