Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

With those big brown eye's of hers she watched history happen today.

D said she watched so intently because she thought it was him on TV. Maybe it's really because I had to take her baby Einstein's back to the library today. But I am choosing to think it's because she could sense how special today was.

Images from the day:
Found via marta


Lorilee said...

i can see the resemblance between D and Obam. I'm sure Elle was confused.... or maybe just sad her baby einstein is gone. I know I'm sad when I have to take them back to the library.

Jensen Family said...

Ok Ok....she's getting too big! I need to see her!! :)

Annie said...

Good to see that Elle supports Pres. Obama!

Holly said...

little elle is so sophisticated, watching CNN and all. maybe she'll be president one day :) i love those big brown eyes!! (on elle, not obama)