Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Going green.

Green used to be my favorite color. Maybe it still is. Green reminds me of a younger, more creative me. Green reminds me of the fiesta bowl several years ago when the Utes played the Wildcats-in a sea of red shirts and painted faces I was wearing green. Green is St. Patrick's Day and good luck charms. Green means go and be kind to the earth. Broccoli may be my favorite thing to eat. Except when I'm pregnant and then it is Jello. Green is Kermit the frog and the rainbow connection. Watermelon rinds and Kiwi. Recycling is green and so I say "go green."

Caity challenged me to do this. And so, a day late, I did.
images by me


caitlin said...


love the green photography (think you are very talented young lady)

love the creative thoughts. (who doesn't love kermit?)

and love you for playing along and being such a good friend.

oh and i love elle too, but that's no secret.

caitlin said...

.. and please let the records show, that i gave you the red shirt off my back so you wouldn't get trampled by U fans!