Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

The snow was so bad today that Deboro had to throw on his snow gear and hop in his truck to help our neighbors who were stuck in the snow. Then he had fun making snow angels in our yard.

Elle celebrates her first Christmas! Here she is showing off her new watch (look closely).

"Hey Mommy, look at the monkey Santa got for me. It's head is bigger than my whole body!"

Sidenote: I always tell D that if he were an animal he would be a monkey and he insists that he would be a tiger, but I think I finally have my proof.

Merry Christmas!!! We hope you have a wonderful holiday!


rob said...

Ha, ha, Bob and I are laughing right now, tell Deb Deb I give him props for being such a good husband.

Oh and Elle is freakin' adorable. Happy Christmas! We love you guys!

Mandy said...

Merry Christmas! The dress Elle has on is so dang cute. I love it. The watch is super cute too. We miss you guys and wish you guys a Merry Christmas.

Annie said...

Ha that is soooo funny! D is a total monkey...or more like an ape! hahaha. I love the second pic because Deboro and Elle are making the exact same face. So cute and I wish we could have seen elle on christmas. I really miss her and haven't seen her in 3 days now. Sad. :(

Holly said...

Merry Christmas A D & E!! i love the monkey- it looks so soft and cuddly. and nothing beats a white christmas!

Beth said...

As always excellent pictures! She is so adorable... I am way behind on blogs so it's nice catching up!!