Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mama To Be

D and I received the nicest package in the mail this weekend! New mama Marta must have known how hard this last couple of weeks can be. She surprised us with the nicest package which really lifted my spirits and made me think about the exciting times to come (instead of my swollen ankles, puffy face, etc...).

darling little pink polo outfit

Custom Martadesign cards to send baby thank you's.

Considering the fact that she just had her own new addition only two weeks ago I cannot believe her generosity! Thank you so much Marta! You really made my weekend. The first thank you card I send will be straight to you!


Holly said...


marta said...

thanks for the shout out! i'm so glad you received it okay.. don't worry, her birthday will come before you know it. it is the best feeling ever to hold a tiny li'l babe and know she is yours! i am so excited for you and D. best to you.