Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Break Here We Come

With the blizzard that hit us today, we officially decided Costa Rica here we come! And it was also an excuse to snag one of these cute tote's from Ikea. At a mere $7.99 I don't mind if I do.
Side note: I also picked up some polka dot gift wrap for .75! I love a good deal.
And if you're there be sure to check out the summer rugs to add a splash of color to an entry way or patio (yes, yes I used to work at Pottery Barn...but no I don't work for Ikea now...maybe I should though...)


Dustin and Juls said...

Yay, you posted on your blog, but sad that Im not one of your friends. :(

Mandy & Colby said...

ITS ABOUT FREAKING TIME YOU GET ON THIS!! I told you it wasn't hard. What do you mean Costa Rica????? Thanks for inviting us. Im just being serious. :)

Mandy & Colby said...

you need to fix your link to get to other bloggers. Maybe I should call and help you!

Holly said...

what a great post to start out with! did you get a bag for me too?

::Sylvia:: said...

I love your blog! Where is that first bag (crocheted one) from? I couldn't find it on ikea.com! p.s. congrats on the baby!

P.S. said...

Hi Sylvia,
Both bags are from Ikea. I bought the crocheted one and I love it!
Try this link.

If that doesn't work type "Bags" in the search bar and it will come up as the Sommar bag.

::Sylvia:: said...

thanks so much! btw, love the onesies!!