Monday, April 28, 2008

It's a girl...we hope.

We finally made the big announcement to everyone, we are having a girl due in October! Well, at least we hope it's a girl. Our doctor told us not to paint the nursery yet, but from what he can see it's a girl.
We also played paper, rock, scissors and if I won it was a girl and if Deboro won it was a boy. I won so we are pretty much convinced, it's a pretty accurate system.
The day after I told everyone at work I walked in to find my cubical decorated with pink streamers and this clever note on my desk (see above pic). You have to see Juno to get it. Thanks Dana and McCall you made my day!


caitlin said...

speaking of your eggo being prego, Bob and I have a lil' congrats present for you and Deb Deb, when can i give it to ya?

Capital C said...

Oh my gosh! Congrats! I cannot wait to see you!

The Bohmans said...

ALANA!!! I just found you off Holly's blog and it made my life to see your face! You are so beautiful and I'm so excited for you to have a little bundle of joy! She is going to be so dang lucky to have you for a mom!!! I hope everything is going smoothly and that you're happy and well. Fill me in on stuff sometime! -Emi

marta said...

oh me, oh my!!!! LANA, i am so so so so so so so so so happy for you. oh goodness, babies galore. i love this. your li'l doll will be dah'ling. oh goodness, congratulations. you two will be the cutest parents ever. oooooh, i couldn't be happier. pregnancy is delightful.. i am wishing the best for you. and those onesies are to die for. xoxo. happy wishes to your li'l family!