Thursday, September 1, 2011


Who takes their 4 week old to Hawaii?...I guess we do. Deboro's earned a trip to Maui through his company, and after a lot of debate, the baby and I went with!
Highlights of the trip-
-The gorgeous views on the road to Hana. And D talking to me the whole time as though he were the tour guide. A British tour guide, I should mention.
-The gigantic sno-cones we ate everyday. D can describe the whole process of how they make sno-cones differently in Hawaii if you'd like to know.
-A fun luau! Deboro's extremely nice co-workers watched the baby for us the entire time and I felt like a got a mini date with my husband. D even pulled me up on stage to dance with him.
-Mama's fish house. Best food I've EVER eaten.
-Shopping in Paia and Lahaina.
--Scarlett slept the whole time on the plane their and back, YAY!