Monday, July 12, 2010

At the pier

this summer.
the lake.
our neighborhood.
twirling barefoot.
this girl.


caitlin said...

1- Could she be any prettier?? Holy cow, she's a big girl, and I miss her like crazy.

2- Some of the best photography I have seen in a while.. seriously, I'm jealous.

3- Um, I miss you, and feel like your needy friend with how much I ask you to hang out with me! But seriously.. come to lunch! Or on a Saturday I could come to you guys! Or we could do dinner! Ruths? Mini's Cupcakes? McDonalds?.. I'm not picky :)

Who Is Lynda said...

I love the light on these pictures. You have mad skills. One day we will really have to get our little people together. Hope things are well. happy birthday this weekend!

Holly said...

she is so darling, and if i were you i'd be in that lake every day!!!

Jen Richards said...

Alana- PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!! I need some new Elle material! Hope you are doing well :)