Friday, May 22, 2009

Kids Frame

Babysitting project. We picked up a little Martha Stewart craft kit and made cute felt frames. Okay, okay I made them while Elle slept and I tried to teach Boss what an owl says and the difference between a whale and a fish. But if they were a little older I just know they would have loved them! At least I did.

An elephant also comes in the same kit for only $5 at Roberts.


caitlin said...

OH MY HECK! You are so crafty, and I can't believe how cute those are. But why do I have a feeling if I tried to do the same project my owl would look like an elephant? Maybe we could explain the difference between Elephants and Owls to Boss?.. can't be too complicated right?

Josh and Tracy Wilson said...

It was SO good to see you yesterday! Sorry I had to run but we REALLY need to plan a time to get together and play!! Love ya!

Holly said...

i don't think those should be just for kids- i want one too! will you make one for me?