Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bad Vs. Good

D made a tradition to get me flowers on the 13th as well as the 14th and before you start to gag, there is a valid reason behind it. I was working at Pottery Barn when we started dating, and on Feb 12th 2006 a gunman shot and killed several people. It was horribly sad and traumatic. I still have a fear of guns.
So he sent me flowers on the 13th and then again on the 14th. I thought it was funny so I asked him why he sent me two sets, he said "the first one's were for your sad day, and the second one's were for Valentine's." Everyone who passed my cubical thought I was two-timing some guys and would stop and make me explain why I had two bouquets of flowers. And a tradition was born.
The next year, he sent me a HORRIBLE bouquet of flowers on the 13th. I didn't even want to bring it back to my desk! He called later that day and I couldn't even lie, I burst out laughing and admitted that I was hiding them in someone else's cubical. He said he just ordered them over the phone and told them NO ROSES. (I'm not a fan of roses on Valentines-too cliche)
But he did much better on the valentines tulips. And so you have exhibit A (and b):

Really? Did someone actually put this together and think, 'this random lily in these carnations looks beautiful!'


KiMnRoB said...

I knew Deboro was a great guy, but starting traditions as cute as this? Good for him!
And what a scary experience for you to endure... I can't even imagine.
Happy Valentine's day!
We still need to get together along w/ Brooke & Vaughn!

Anna said...

I totally agree- first one: HEINOUS. Tulips: so pretty! PS Nice job on the photography of the tulips! I like the angle a lot.

Beth said...

That is so great - I love it!! Yes the tulips are beautiful and your photography is, as always, perfection!