Thursday, August 7, 2008

So I think he can dance!

Confession: I was literally clapping and screaming like I was in the audience when they announced his name. My husband thought I was going to cry.
Couldn't be more thrilled with this decision.

This dance (above) was awesome, but my favorite dance of the whole season was the pas de deux. Will is beautiful to watch and Katee was awesome.

The finale left me with two questions though:
1-Who knew Mary Murphy had such great legs? Her stylists need to be fired because they are making her look much bigger than she really is.
2-What happened to Sabra? That's great that everyone is working with Janet Jackson and Lacey is making trashy clothing. Good for them. But what did the actual winner end up doing? I smell a scandal.


caitlin said...

When they showed Joshuas dad in the audience I cried! It was so cute.

I agree with you that Mary's stylist should get the boot. She always looks big and sometimes a little too glammed up. (which makes her look even weirder when she screams)

I also think it's bizarre that they didn't show Sabra. They seemed like they were trying to gloss over it all so quickly too.

All in all a great season and I am already excited for next!

Holly said...

Can't wait for the live show in September! Do you think mary and nigel will be there? as long as katee and joshua dance together, i'll be happy.