Sunday, July 6, 2008

Photo of the Day

In college a photography professor of mine had us submit a photo of the day for our assignment. He pressed us to take a picture of something in our ordinary day, to make art out of the mundane. I struggled with this. My life is great but it's not art.

I miss that class. I loved looking through the other students' eyes and seeing a glimpse of their lives. It was interesting to see how different all of our lives were. I remember the people with kids who couldn't seem to find another subject worthy of the camera, a med school student, a computer geek, and the guy who would take the most boring pictures of rocks or the sidewalk and defend them when our teacher would critique them.

I have decided to take up this past time again and use my blog to post a sporadic 'Photo of the Day.' Feel free to critique.


Holly said...

i like this photo. when i look at it, i think someone short (like myself) must have put that chair there so that they could look through the window. i'm always standing on chairs in my house to reach something.

Lana's Mom said...

Very lovely. Where did you take it?

Sam said...

that is a beautiful picture. it is so simply, but it could mean so much. verrry nice. my dream is to take pictures like that.

Edith said...

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