Saturday, May 17, 2008

22 Weeks

Today while shopping for bargains at a neighbors garage sale, I overheard a girl whisper to her sister,"So, is she or isn't she?" "If I'm not, I have got a serious beer gut going on! And I don't even drink." I answered.
I am finally starting to get a little baby bump. I didn't think I'd embrace it as much as I am. I think it is due to months of people just thinking I was "letting myself go" (Yes, someone did say this to me).
Or it could be due to the fact that it doesn't feel as weird now to have my husband pat my tummy and talk to it in baby-voice in public (or anywhere for that matter).

P.S. More on the bargains later. You will NEVER believe what $100 bucks can buy! If $100 sounds like a lot, would you believe I bought a stroller for $5? Stay tuned to see the rest of the bargains.


N&WOdom said...

You look darling!!! how many weeks now? Any names? I cant wait to see this beautiful girl!!! you guys are such a great couple! we love you!!!

Emily said...

Your gorgeous face brings back so many happy memories! I miss you and your tiny bump is adorable!

The Gordons said...

OH CUTE!!!!! Sascha is excited to meet her :) You look fantastic, by the way!